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Welcome to the
West Liberty United Church of Christ

 West Liberty United Church of Christ is a congregation of diverse individuals and families united in our shared love of God and in our passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the United Church of Christ we are free to think, believe, and act for ourselves according to the unique relationship that God nourishes with each of us. Our diversity is an expression of the diverse gifts the Holy Spirit gives to human beings. Our members come together to worship and to embody Christ’s teachings about healing, peace, justice, and compassion that are the foundation of God’s Kingdom.In the United Church of Christ, we believe that God is still speaking and sharing messages with people that inspire and empower us. No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at West Liberty United Church of Christ where we value who people are and who they can become in the love and knowledge of God.

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We are located at:
212 West Newell Street
P. O. Box 427
West Liberty, Ohio  43357
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Website:  www.wlucc.org

Contact information:
Phone:   (937) 465-2761
Email:   office@wlucc.org

Come worship with us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  For now Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. has been suspended.

Everyone welcome!

Sunday, September 20 was the final Sunday Pastor Kay Young was with us.  During this time when we do not have a full time pastor, we hope that you will be comfortable enough to call our church deacons to help with your spiritual needs.  We will do whatever we can to help you with any needs you may have.  Just give one of us a call. Contact list of Deacons

Hello Church family!  We are excited to announce that we are returning to in-person services starting on January 17, 2021!  We will be practicing social distancing and wearing masks as much as possible.  If you feel comfortable with this please join us.  Otherwise you can still tune into the live service on Sunday at 10:25 a.m. when we welcome Bob Gambrell again to the pulpit.  This service will be archived with the others under the Services link below for later viewing .

Please share this information with family and friends that are not on-line.

The link to each service and the associated bulletin can be found at https://wlucc.org/services/.  Just click on the appropriate date for the service you wish to view.

There are many people, who have gone out of their way to keep this church operating and who will continue to do extra work to make it as safe an environment as possible. Be sure and thank them when you have the chance.

On December 13 we welcomed Debby Stinton to the pulpit for a trial sermon at https://youtu.be/yzmVA6NXuP8.  Following the service there was a period of questions and answers for Debby at https://youtu.be/yVyzO8HqjdQ.  The service bulletin can be found at https://wlucc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Limited-Bulletin-121320.pdf

The congregation voted to make her our new Pastor.  To learn  more, follow this link. We Have a New Pastor

Pastor Debby plans to start her service to our congregation on February 1, 2021.

Please, remember that the Church still has financial obligations to meet and we appreciate your continued financial support.  We are looking at e-giving possibilities, which we may use in the future as well.

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